May 03, 2007

Israel's Lebanon war losses still mounting up

Just a quick lunchtime post because the Independent has one of its in your face type covers about Israel:

And the cover's justified by a good bit of coverage including a good article by Fisk. I'm sure Fisk has openly blamed Hizbullah for this war before now. Now he seems to have relegated them to mere catalyst which is probably a fairer comment. Anyway, get this:
Looking back at this terrifying, futile war, with its grotesque ambitions to "destroy" the Iranian-supported Hizbollah militia, it is incredible Mr Olmert did not realise within days that his grandiose demands would founder. Insisting the two captured Israeli soldiers should be released and the militarily powerless Lebanese government should be held responsible for their capture was never going to produce political or military results favourable to Israel. One would have to add that Tzipi Livni's demand for the Prime Minister's resignation sits oddly with her support for this preposterous war.
Good one. Let's not forget all those zionists who supported this war until they realised that Israel had lost it.


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