June 30, 2007

"Opinion formers" don't see boycott as antisemitic

The Jewish Chronicle has an interesting article on a poll by Populus commissioned by the Britain Israel Communications and Resource Centre. It carries a breakdown of a poll of "business, cultural and political" leaders. The "surprise result" for the JC is that a clear majority of 62% said that they did not see the boycott as antisemitic. Now this is curious. Members, leaders and founders of the boycott movement have insisted that the boycott isn't antisemitic. Many people have said, whether they support the boycott or not, that it isn't antisemitic. And yet the JC is surprised at that particular result. It's not surprised at the fact that 86% of those polled are against the boycott. I mean when so many people support a boycott why not be surprised at that result? I think the secret here is in the words "opinion formers" and "business, cultural and political leaders." Who are these people? We know they mostly oppose the boycott. Were they handpicked?


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