August 05, 2007

Holocaust survivors protest against Israel

The BBC website carries a report about holocaust survivors in Israel demanding support from the state.
Representatives of Israel's 250,000 Holocaust survivors are to demand more state support in a protest outside Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's house.

A government offer of a monthly stipend of $20 (£10) was rejected as too little by survivor groups, and they vowed to go ahead with the Jerusalem action.

Many elderly survivors say they struggle to pay for medical treatment and, in some cases, food.

Mr Olmert called for a "fair and balanced" solution as his cabinet met.

He pointed out that his government was the first to take up the issue of providing for Holocaust survivors' families with special aid.

Since there's no case for the State of Israel the holocaust has been one of Israel's main propaganda weapons and yet Olmert, the current Prime Minister of the State of Israel can claim that his government is the first government (presumably of Israel) to consider special aid for the survivors of that crime against humanity. And what happened to all those holocaust assets amassed by the "Claims Conference"?


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