August 05, 2007

Iranian Jews wiping Jews off the map of Iran

Apparently, the people raising the money to pay Iranian Jews to go live in Israel are Iranian Jews living in Los Angeles. According to a commentor called Rysk, this means that Israel and the zionist movement have nothing to do with what they are doing and that therefore this is not an example of Israel or the zionist movement undermining the standing, security or existence of yet another Jewish community. Here's the comment:
Mark -now you're the one being dishonest. You explicitly state
''its by Jonathon Cook and it sets out how Israel seems to be intent on destroying yes another...''
So, the opening and entire premise of your post based upon Jonathon Cook's article is wrong as its know that the offer was made by the Los Angeles Persian Jewish community.
There is a substantial gap between the actions of a particularly exciteable community such as the L.A Persian Jewish community and the actions/official policy of the State of Israel/ quasi government bodies such as the Jewish Agency.
Trying then to rectify both yours and Cook's mistake by bluring the lines between the two just does not wash.I would have noted this in the original post but the blogger edit function is down at the moment and I like to correct significant errors as soon as they come to my attention.
I would have just noted this in the original post but the edit facility in is down at the minute and I like to correct significant errors as soon as they come to my attention. But was this significant? Here we have a whole new post to say that Israel is not stumping up the money to wipe the Jews off of the map of Iran. Iranian Jews based in Los Angeles are stumping up the money to have the Jews of Iran up and go to Israel. Now when we consider that the settlements are often funded privately by American Jews, or Jews based in America (and maybe elsewhere) and that the biblical village of Emmaus was razed by Israel but covered over with trees paid for by Canadian Jews it's not significant at all. Some zionists are part of the organised movement some are freelance. Ideology's like that, that's all.

UPDATE - Aha! I got my editorial rights back so I can do this update and not another post. It turns out that the contributor who accused me of dishonesty over the earlier post was himself being a tad economical with the truth. Here's a later comment under the same post.
note this, Rysk: " More than $1 million has been invested in the fund, and it is operated by means of one of the major aliyah organizations in Israel."

Text of report by web version of Israeli newspaper Ma'ariv on 8 July

[Report by Eli Bradenstein: "Israel to Iranian Jews: Immigration At Any Price"]

Israel is trying to find new ways of encouraging immigration from Iran in the wake of a lack of desire on the part of thousands of Iranian Jews to leave. In order to do this, an expatriate group of Iranian Jewish donors, which is behind a special fund to encourage aliyah from the land of the ayatollahs, is now offering approximately $60,000 to every Jewish family that makes comes to Israel, which will be in addition to the regular absorption basket.

Only a few months ago, the fund decided to grant an incentive of $5,000 to every new immigrant, but this did not persuade Iranian Jews, many of whom are comfortably off, to leave.

The fund has now decided to double the sum for every new immigrant, and to offer $10,000 in the hope that it will persuade Iranian Jews to come to Israel.

If the Jews do decide to come to Israel as whole families, they will also receive thousands more dollars: $2,000 for a head of family and $1,500 for a mother and each of her children. More than $1 million has been invested in the fund, and it is operated by means of one of the major aliyah organizations in Israel. Unconnected with the grants, the new immigrants also receive the regular absorption basket like other immigrants, as well as mortgages on easy terms.

The news of the grant has been published on an Israeli Internet site in Persian, which has been launched in order to convey vital information on the process of aliyah. It has also been reported on Israel Radio's Persian-language service, and is being passed on by means of various organizations and relatives to Jews in Iran.

Some 20,000 Jews live in Iran, mostly in Tehran. It is the largest remaining Jewish community in the Arab states. According to reports, many of them are comfortably off and free to practise their religion and provide religious education for their children. Given that, most are not interested in leaving Iran. However, Iran's Jews visit Israel a lot to see their relatives, and Israelis of Iranian origin pay family and business visits there. Iranian Jews who live in the United States also make frequent visits to family in Iran.

"In contrast to the previously laughable sum, we are now talking about a sizeable sum, and if a whole family decides to make aliyah, they will receive tens of thousands of dollars - a serious sum that could really persuade Jews to leave there and come to Israel, and assist in their absorption here," Ma'ariv was told by sources that are dealing with Iranian immigrants.

Source: NRG Ma'ariv website, Tel Aviv, in Hebrew 8 Jul 07
So these Jewish "communities" aren't quite as independent of the State of Israel or the established zionist movement as some zionists would have us believe. In a comment to this post prior, of course to this update, Charlie Pottins wonders how much this LA based Jewish community would do for their compatriots to get into the US.


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