October 08, 2007

DAM at OneVoice

I got this info last night but I had to check it before posting on it. DAM (da Arab MCs) are performing at the OneVoice gig. I don't like commenting on what Palestinians do or don't do. I often get things wrong, I always get told off for it and, being Jewish, I have got genuine issues with commenting on what Palestinians should or shouldn't do to liberate themselves from, er, Jews. But I do have a problem with them being so cutting edge an outfit and yet they are happy to involve themselves with a gig that has the establishment written all over it.
Concurrent with the event in Jericho, Israeli moderates will gather in Tel Aviv to demonstrate their support for a two-state solution and an immediate return to negotiations. This unprecedented “People’s Summit” will mark the first time that massive numbers of Israelis and Palestinians gather simultaneously to propel their elected leaders to sit down and negotiate a two-state solution, guaranteeing independent states for Israelis and Palestinians.

The music and entertainment portion of the Jericho program is being overseen by Dr. Fathi Darwish, a seasoned executive who has worked with the Palestinian government and within NGOs & civil society organizations for 30 years.

Security at the event will be provided by the Palestinian Presidential Forces and leading private security firms.
It's like these "rock" bands in the UK performing for the Queen's jubilee. It just ain't rock'n'roll.

Looking on the bright side, it is an opportunity to rerun these helpfully subtitled videos from YouTube.

This is Born Here

This Meen Erhabe? (Who are the terrorists?)

Maybe they'll go to Jericho armed with a shofar each, who knows?


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