October 02, 2007

False allegations, bogus history and erm.... a way with words

I don't know about that last one, some of their arguments sound downright clunky. Whose? Zionists of course. This is Ben White in the Palestine Chronicle with an article titled, It's about Palestine

I don't know, I disagree with Ben here. This wasn't a setback. The leader of the union was against the boycott and she said that most of the members are only concerned, not with principles but with pay and conditions. The zionists would have won the vote it seems. So why didn't they want it discussed? Let's face it, the supporters of the racist war criminals of the State of Israel are hardly committed to equal opportunities policies. Any debate was going to place Israel under the spotlight. That's what they couldn't stand. Ben's right that we have to keep up the campaign against Israel but this was no victory for zionists. They have admitted that they cannot win arguments even if they can win votes.


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