October 30, 2007

Incarceration libel?

Except of course, like its propensity for killing children, Israel incarcerating children is no libel. This is from the International Middle East Media Center:
The Wa’ed Society for political prisoners and ex-prisoners on Monday reported that 360 children remain illegally detained in Israeli prison centers across the region.

The Society slammed the illegal Israeli military practices against the Palestinian people, adding that Palestinian children are repeatedly targeted by the army in the occupied territories.

The Society also stated that the army kidnapped nearly 7000 Palestinians since the beginning of the Al Aqsa Intifada in September 28, 2000.

Of those children still held, all are facing harsh conditions, mistreatment and repeated attacks. Half of the number have been sentenced by military courts, while the other half is still awaiting trial or under interrogation.

The Society stated that the Israeli prison authorities are barring child detainees from their visitations rights, in addition to not providing them with decent meals and are placing them with adult Israeli prisoners who have been detained for criminal conduct.

The children are also barred from meeting with their lawyers on a regular basis, and are repeatedly held in solitary confinement.
Call that Engage lawyer chappie, Julius or that Harvard lawyer, Dershowitz. Oh no, don't. "The children are also barred from meeting with their lawyers on a regular basis." Disgusting


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