November 01, 2007

Israel chooses nazis over natives

The recent publicity given to the influx of overt neo-nazis into Israel under Israel's racist colonial law, the Law of "Return," has had some people calling for that law's modification or abolition. I have Joe90 in the comments to thank not just for drawing my attention to the issue but for drawing my attention to the disgraceful BBC post on the same.
Israel's interior minister has called for reforming the law that grants Jews around the world Israeli citizenship.
Meir Sheetrit said citizenship should be earned by a strong commitment to Israel and not granted automatically.

He was addressing the governors of the Jewish Agency, which is responsible for promoting Jewish immigration to Israel.

He said funds should go towards helping deprived immigrant communities already in Israel rather absorbing more "lost tribes" living in Africa and Asia.

Mr Sheetrit referred to the rise of neo-Nazism among young immigrants from the former Soviet Union as proof that the granting of automatic citizenship to people defined as Jews was not working.
Convoluted logic this is. Neo-nazis don't come from the ""lost tribes" living in Africa and Asia" so why did he bring that up in the context of the "rise of neo-Nazism among young immigrants from the former Soviet Union?" I know, perhaps he thought he could use the neo-nazis from the former Soviet Union as an excuse to whiten the population. The Law of "Return" isn't racist enough for this chap. But it is surely racist as the BBC acknowledges, albeit approvingly.
Analysts say facilitating immigration of the larger number of Jews to Israel is a key factor in countering the demographic challenge posed by the growing Palestinian Arab population in Israel and the Israeli-occupied territories.
Well I think it's approvingly, it's actually the last paragraph of the post. It was picked up over at MediaLens thus:
Which analysts? Where?
These 'analysts' are saying immigration of ethnic jews is important to out-weigh the number of arabs from Israel, so they will have a smaller proportion of the population to eventually transfer, in exchange for land in the West bank.

Meanwhile, Heinrich Himmler has proposed the confiscation of Jewish passports in Germany, in an effort to counter what he calls the 'demographic challenge' posed by Germany's Jewish population.
Thanks again Joe.


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