November 01, 2007

Relief as Israeli High Court orders Jewish town to accept Arab couple

Phew, it is a relief for me which I'll explain in a little minute. See this from Ha'aretz.
The High Court of Justice on Wednesday issued a temporary injunction ordering that a plot of land in the predominantly Jewish town of Rakefet be set aside for an Israeli Arab couple who had been previously denied entry to the community for "lack of suitability."

The couple, residents of Sakhnin, said they were denied residency in the town because they are Arab. They added that local authorities in Rakefet and officials at the Israel Lands Authority had found an alternative way to keep them from moving into the town - by stating that according to a "suitability test," the couple was "not socially fit to live in the town, according to expert opinion."
Ok, so the Israeli High Court has ruled that the town must let these people live there. The town might get round the ruling but the ruling is significant. So why am I relieved? Well I'm Jewish and I live in a predominantly white Anglo-Saxon Protestant town called Dagenham. A fascist group called the British National Party is quite popular here. But thankfully Israel seems to be quite influential with the UK government. The Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, like Tony Blair before him, is an honorary patron of the Jewish National Fund, a "charity" whose aim it is to secure land in Palestine for Jews only. Well, hopefully, this enlightened decision by the Israeli High Court, meaning that even racial inferiors can settle on land reserved for racial superiors, will act as what they call a "persuasive precedent" so that if ever I, as a Jew, have to apply for the right to settle in this WASP town I call home, zionist influence in British establishment circles will mean that I can stay. What a relief!


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