February 11, 2008

Israel predicts victory over democracy

Israeli leaders are predicting that the combined effects their bombardment and starvation of the people of Gaza will defeat Hamas within months according to Reuters.
Israeli leaders vowed on Monday to step up their war against Hamas and predicted the Islamists' grip on the Gaza Strip would end within months.

Two days after a rocket from the enclave wounded an Israeli child and prompted dramatic headlines in a country grown used to daily barrages that do little damage, Defence Minister Ehud Barak pledged to step up the Israeli military campaign.
Did you see that? Let's have it again.
daily barrages that do little damage
Let's zoom in even closer:
little damage
Israel has been starving Palestinians in Gaza, subjecting them to many a barrage of their own and to far more devastating effect than the qassems that do "little damage" and still Israel is talking of stepping up its aktions. A little reported fact is that Hamas has been offering Israel a ceasefire for some time now. But of course the zionists would rather risk the lives of Jews if it gives them an excuse to kill Palestinians.

And now they think they can defeat Hamas. They cannot defeat Hamas. Even if Hamas is removed from power in Gaza "within months" as they say, they will not be defeated. The Palestinians have been oppressed by the combined might of the most powerful forces on the planet. In spite of that the Palestinian people rejected appeasement and voted for Hamas. That was a victory that can never be taken away from either Hamas or the Palestinian people.

And what if Israel does succeed in removing Hamas from power? We'll have the ludicrous spectacle of the "only democracy in the middle east" having overthrown the government of the only democracy in the middle east.

Let's just remind ourselves here that Israel is stepping up from the starving and bombardment of civilians to more starvating and more bombardment of still more civilians because of the wounding of a child who would not have been wounded if Israel had have accepted a ceasefire offer by Hamas. Oh, and of course, just to underline their democratic credentials, Israel is again threatening to murder elected politicians.


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