February 11, 2008

Mark Elf does an Engage, shock!

Roland Rance has raised some important points about a story I ran a couple for posts ago headed Palestinian posed as Israeli for love. Here's what Roland wrote to the Just Peace UK list:
This story doesn't make sense in several crucial aspects. Since there is no civil marriage in Israel, I don't see how the couple could have married, and how his wife did not know his origin. And, since carrying an ID card is compulsory, and its production is required for so many services and on frequent occasions, it's very difficult to see how he could live under an assumed identity for thirty years.

I'll try to find the Yediot story referred to. But meanwhile, I would caution against forwarding or using this until we have some corroboration.

Now I have to go to the original post and link to here and I suppose I have to say I'm s-s-s-s-sorry in the comments to the original. I know, I'll experiment with the s-word here. S-s-s-s-s-sorry. Oh I don't know it seems to be the hardest word. S-sorry, there I nearly said it. Sorry, by George I've got it!

Anyway, many thanks to Roland and the Just Peace UK list.

Before some zionist comes crawling out of the woodwork to say that it was my own fault for demonising Israel, what is happening in Gaza right now and what the Israeli parliament and cabinet are now discussing comes a lot closer to demonic than a questionable human interest story.


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