March 10, 2008

German journos don't mention the war

The Israeli ambassador to Germany is pretty pleased with the German media these days, according to this Ha'aretz report:
No one mentioned the Gaza Strip. The eight senior reporters of Bayerischer Rundfunk (Bavarian Broadcasting) sat Tuesday facing Israel's ambassador to Germany, Yoram Ben-Ze'ev. They asked him about the special relationship between the two countries, the conflict with Hezbollah and Iran's nuclear program.

But the latest escalation in the Gaza Strip, in which three Israelis and more than 100 Palestinians were killed, whose shocking photographs were broadcast the world over and forced the Foreign Ministry to initiate a public relations offensive, was not mentioned in the television station's conference room near Munich.

On this issue, Germany is unusual compared with the media throughout Europe, and Ben-Ze'ev understands this........

The ambassador, who took up his post four months ago, says he does not use the term "public relations" and talks of "cooperation."
The German media cooperates with Israel. And I thought the UK media was bad.


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