March 11, 2008

Why Israel exists

Zionist apologists like using the holocaust to justify Israel's existence. The Eurocentric view of why nation-states do or should exist is something to do with a group of people with a common language, culture, territorial contiguity since time immemorial, etc. Israel's language is a modern concoction only spoken by a minority of Jews, it's culture (what culture?) too is a contrived affair and of course Israeli Jews are mostly recent arrivals to what used to be known as Palestine. And anyway Israel isn't a state for people who live there. Israel doesn't even recognise and Israeli or even an Israeli Jewish nation. It is a state, it claims, for the world's Jews, most of whom neither live there nor desire to live there. And that whilst non-Jewish people who do come from there are barred from there and non-Jewish people who are still there are victims of disadvantage stitched into Israel's laws and policies.

So what is Israel for exactly? Here's Ha'aretz with a clue:
The destruction of Iran's nuclear capabilities would be in the interest of the Arab nations in the Gulf, and it would be less embarrassing if it was done by Israel rather than the U.S., a top Kuwaiti strategist said in remarks published Sunday.

Officially Kuwait, like the other members of the Gulf Cooperation Council, wants a peaceful solution to the nuclear standoff between Tehran and the West and will not allow the U.S. to use its territories for any attack on Iran.

But when asked in an interview with the daily Al-Siyassah about the consequences of an Israeli strike on Iran's nuclear reactors, analyst and former government adviser Sami al-Faraj said it would not be such a bad thing.

"Honestly speaking, they would be achieving something of great strategic value for the GCC by stopping Iran's tendency for hegemony over the area," he said, adding that "nipping it in the bud by Israeli hands would be less embarrassing for us than if the Americans did it."
So to the upholding of American and European interests we can add protecting reactionary Arab regimes in the Gulf. And noting the fact that Iran is now believed not to be pursuing a nuclear weapons programme, any attack on a nuclear plant or any industrial plant in Iran would be aimed at hindering its economic development, not any military threat to other states.


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