March 07, 2008

Israel openly plans the ethnic cleansing of Gaza

Israel has not sunk to a new low. It always existed on the basis of ethnic cleansing. It's the western backers of Israel that have sunk to a new low when they can say or do nothing when Israel openly speaks of its plans to ethnically cleanse the north of Gaza. Anyway, here's the Jerusalem Post:
Defense Minister Ehud Barak is seeking legal approval to evacuate thousands of residents of Gaza City to locations in the south of the Strip to enable the IDF to attack terror infrastructure without hurting civilians, Channel 2 reported Wednesday evening.

The report came after the Security Cabinet decided Wednesday morning to act in an "ongoing and consistent" manner to end rocket attacks and other terrorist activity from the Gaza Strip. The cabinet held a special meeting to debate the response to ongoing rocket attacks on Ashkelon and the western Negev.
Aren't the Israelis wonderful? They want to remove thousands of people so as to avoid them getting hurt. But it was the ethnic cleansing of the same people from what we now call Israel to what we now call the Gaza strip that hurt them in the first place.


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