March 08, 2008

Number crunching at the "anti-Israel" Guardian

From the Guardian

Number attending funerals for 8 yeshiva students
= thousands

Number attending funerals for over 120 Palestinians = they didn't say.

There are more than ten articles in the Guardian over the last two days on the killing of these eight Jewish seminarians. A couple of Guardian hacks even had the chutzpah to say that the killings might actually imperil the peace process.

Still it's not all doom and gloom in Israel. In Tel Aviv the fashion show goes on and Linda Grant (for it is she) even manages to slip a thinly veiled reference to the holocaust, lest we forget, into an article about how an Israeli is trying to revive the name of a sixties fashion designer Ossie Clarke.

And Ehud Barak seems to have got away with calmly announcing the ethnic cleansing of thousands of Palestinians from the north of Gaza since I can't see any mention of it in the anti-Israel Guardian. Of course they have to keep that out of the media for now because when it happens they can say that Israel somehow snapped and lost its innocence over the this "carefully planned atrocity [that] strikes at Israel's spiritual heart".


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