April 25, 2008

JC's Jewish power has Hirsh and Grant down to a T

The Jewish Chronicle has started to publish its list of 100 powerful Jews in the UK. Actually it's "100 people who exert the greatest influence on British Jewry." Nice to see the Jewdas crew (aka Geoffrey Cohen) straight in at number 67. They're actually publishing numbers 67 to 100 today with 67 being more powerful than 100 so for this week, as if to rekindle our faith in human nature, Jewdas topped the chart:
Jewdas (Geoffrey Cohen)

67 (New) “Geoffrey Cohen” is the collective pseudonym for representatives of the subversive Jewish group. It came to wider attention in 2006 when four members were arrested at the Simcha in the Square celebration in Trafalgar Square on suspicion of disseminating antisemitic material — flyers for a “Protocols of the Elders of Hackney” party. Police decided not to press charges. A more recent event featured obscure films on Jewish anarchists, “extreme Jewish food” and “Jewla hooping” (Jewish hula-hooping, obviously). Once promised a talk from Lord Levy on “fraud, antisemitism and where to buy in Totteridge”. Unsurprisingly, the peer didn’t show.
But it couldn't last. Glance down the list and the hasbara parrots start to make an appearance. Look:

71 (New) An up-and-coming name as key contributor to the well-regarded Harry’s Place blog, which is sympathetic to Israel, if at times critical, and exposes what it sees as left-wing hypocrisy. In professional life, the Oxford-educated blogger is an associate at the London office of international law firm Cleary Gottlieb, where he specialises in Financial Services Authority requirements to which regulated companies are subject. He has also authored legal guides and lectured in law at Queen Mary College, University of London.
Harry's Place has criticised Israel? I remember HP hinted that Linda Grant might be lying about an incident once but that doesn't actually count as criticising Israel. But then truth is about as relevant to the JC as it is to David Toube. Just an aside here. David Toube has actually tried to have people lose their jobs for opposing Israel. Ok, many zionists do that but I've seen an email where the same David Toube asks an anti-zionist not to out him as David t of Harry's Place because it could cause him problems in his work. What a scumbag!

Still with Israel's elite hasbara unit:
David Hirsh

96 (New) A sociology lecturer at Goldsmiths College, University of London, David Hirsh established the Engage website to counter left-wing and trades-union anti-Zionism and antisemitism. He was also to the fore in the campaign to reverse the academic boycott of Israeli universities.
Dr Hirsh has this hypocritical habit of accusing people of the things he is guilty of. Projection, we call that. He once wrote a ludicrous story about how he lectures his daughter not to behave like a Likudnik. When I picked up on it, I was guilty of bringing his children into things! Anyway, he airbrushed the story after complaints from Likudniks. I'm not joking, it's true.

I wonder if Alf Green or Shachtman will make an appearance in the coming weeks. I know Alf Green was Dr Hirsh, I'm only 99.9% certain Shachtman is. I say that because once in the comments to a Linda Grant article at Comment is free, I criticised her piece using the name Ilan (because Linda Grant had my levi9909 id banned from there) and took a swipe at Shachtman for (what else) falsely accusing someone of antisemitism. He came back and accused me of ad hominem attacks and said that I'm the "Tommy Cooper of the anti-zionists". Now in fairness, Linda Grant too has accused me of ad hominem attacks in place of debate whilst calling me and other anti-zionists "cold callous bastards" so perhaps Hirsh isn't uniquely stupid but at least Grant's stupidness was in a thread where she did pass off some comment as genuine discussion. This Shachtman chap didn't even try to veil his personal abuse. He also pops up, as Alf Green did, to support Hirsh's own arguments from time to time.

Anyway, that brings us to the last on the list. Guess who:
Linda Grant

100 (New) Since her first novel, The Cast Iron Shore, in 1996, Linda Grant, 57, has won six major literary awards and been shortlisted for two more. The child of Russian and Polish immigrants has written regularly on Jewish themes. Her latest work, The Clothes On Their Backs, tackles issues including the Holocaust, racism and the dilemma facing Jewish refugees to Britain — maintain a low profile, or seize on opportunities.
I'm not sure if she has ever used bogus id. I've certainly suspected it but there'd be a citation needed as they say at Wikepedia.

Anyway, here's the link to the article again because the whole thing is worth a look at. It even has Ken Livingstone up there at 76, up from 92 last year.


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