April 16, 2008

Morrisey is not a racist but......

..he's playing Israel.

Great timing of course. He's just successfully sued The Word magazine for accusing him of racism and hypocrisy but was The Word so wrong or did they simply not have the resources to fight the case in what is largely a rich man's game?

See this video proudly hosted on the Engage site:

Did you see the actions with his hands? Is that a Hitler impression? And his winding up statement? What was all that about? This is a guy who makes political statements. People paw over his lyrics. He was also castigated by a judge back in the 90s for dishonesty in his dealings with his fellow former Smiths. Might his denial of racism be yet more dishonesty? I'm only asking.

Ok ok, Morrisey is not a racist but...he has no qualms about playing Israel. He must know of the colonial settlement, the ethnic cleansing, the racist laws, the targeting and killing of children. Will he notice the whiteness of the audience in an Asian country? Will he distinguish between an Asian country and a western state both in the same place? Will he make an album, "Ethnic cleansing is mass murder" or pushed for space simply "Israel is mass murder"?

PS - I know we've posted on Morrisey already but I was a fan once, twice, maybe even three times, but heaven knows I'm miserable now.


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