April 17, 2008

Spot the terrorist in this picture

The Associated Press says:
Israel struck hard against targets in Gaza on Wednesday, killing at least 20 Palestinians in a day of heavy fighting that also saw three Israeli soldiers killed in a Hamas ambush.

Several civilians were among the dead — including five children and a Reuters cameraman killed while covering the conflict, according to Palestinian officials.

Hamas kills three soldiers. Israel kills a cameraman and five children.

But, as the AP reminds readers not sufficiently clear on the proper way of thinking:

...Israel, the U.S. and European Union consider Hamas a terrorist group.

I consider Israel, the U.S, and the European Union terrorist organizations. But that is probably because Rupert Murdoch doesn't sit on MY board of directors.

Israel struck hard against targets in Gaza...

What an evocative and tasteful way to report a massacre of children!!!


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