May 18, 2008

Drop shoah from the Hebrew language?

Who would demand such a thing? Well if Israel's Foreign Minister, Tzipi Livni wasn't Israeli or Jewish maybe she would. So what's all this then?

According to Ha'aretz, Israel has protested to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon over his use of the word "Nakba" in a phone call to Mahmoud Abbas. I thought it was the Security Council that could authorise wars not the General Secretary. Obviously the zionist war on reality doesn't count. Anyway, what's Livni got to do with this:
Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni on Thursday said that the Palestinians will be able to celebrate their independence day on the same day that the word "nakba" or catastrophe is erased from their lexicon. Livni was referring to the Palestinians' "Nakba Day" which is commemorated on May 15, the day Israel was founded in 1948.
Actually, I got the "drop shoah" idea from MondoWeiss, the blog of Philip Weiss. He made the same point only about the word "pogrom".

There is of course a serious point to this. Israel having got so much from UN that it wasn't entitled to, like recognition, is now trying to have its own way on everything. Nothing new there. What is new is that Israel didn't get its way and Nakba isn't just a part of the Palestinian lexicon but that of the United Nations itself.


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