May 18, 2008

Israel's uniqueness revisited

Here's Mike Marqusee in the New Humanist on Israel's 60th on what it is that makes Israel stand out like a sore thumb among the states of the world.

After a resumé of the details of the conquest and ethnic cleansing of most of Palestine he settles on the ludicrous idea that Israel has a right to exist as a Jewish state and that anyone who argues against this is somehow demonic. He also gets into the lies we were told for decades before it became ok to tell the truth because some Israeli historians decided that a little honesty might be a good policy. He eventually gets to the bit that makes zionists look so silly when they claim that Israel is being singled out:
Israel is “Jewish” in a sense that no existing state is Christian, Muslim, Hindu or Buddhist. Though these religions are privileged in various states, none of those states claims to be the sole global representative of the faith; none grants citizenship to people solely because of their religion (without regard to place of birth or residence). Maintaining a Jewish state in Palestine means maintaining a sizeable Jewish majority population which enjoys privileged access to land, work and civic rights.
Actually there's an article on Israel in the New Humanist immediately below Marqusee's. It's by Eliase Glaser. Glaser wants to be a zionist. She has family in Israel. But she sees the state of denial and she's uncomfortable with it. It's interesting in an annoying sort of a way. Worth a look at but if I hear one more word about Israel's sodding "bauhaus architecture" I swear I'll....


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