June 07, 2008

Chosen people's choice?

This is the Daily Show from yesterday. If you saw my earlier post, depending where you stand on Palestine, you will have been dismayed or delighted at Obama's crawling to AIPAC. Ok, in fairness there may be some zionists who find the idea of presidential hopefuls on their hands and knees before the main overt Israel lobby organisation just a little bit embarrassing, dangerous, bad for Jews even. Anyway cop this:

So, did you see it? Did you see the outcome? Jon Stewart handed John McCain Florida's points in the presidential contest because McCain told the "elders" that he went to Jerusalem with Senator Lieberman. But if he is serious that John McCain scored more points from a zionist organisation than Obama simply on the grounds of his performance at this AIPAC presidential beauty contest then have a look at the post before this one. Listen to Obama identifying himself with zionism, listen to him insisting that Israel must be a Jewish state and not a state like the USA and listen to him supporting the permanent occupation of east Jerusalem. Then consider what McCain must have promised this crowd that could have Jon Stewart suggesting he had an edge over Obama where AIPAC is concerned. I know the guy was joking, but many a true word etc.


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