June 06, 2008

Obama supports occupation, Engage supports Obama

Fascinating stuff this. An American presidential wannabe grovels to Israel. Amazing, just the change America needs. See this speech to AIPAC:

Ok, so he supports zionism, the State of Israel and it's expansion into east Jerusalem. What else can he do for Israel? In other words, what's this got to do with Engage? Well apparently he won't support the
bigoted divestment that has sought to punish Israeli scientists and academics,
This roughly, no exactly, translated into Engage-speak means "Barack Obama opposes UCU's boycott campaign." You know, for one ghastly moment I thought they were going to say that Obama actually praised Engage or named the UCU. But no, they have a shared belief in what should and should not be done with regard to the middle east. So what else will he support?
divestment targeted at the Iranian regime
Hmm, pragmatism, I like that.


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