June 13, 2008

Elf wrong yet again, shock!

Well apologies everyone. I thought I remembered David Davis being sympathetic to the Palestinians. I have just been disabused in an email, which makes a nice change from being abused in an email. Here's the link I was sent to a Conservative Friends of Israel questionnaire to David David, hosted on the the UK based Christian zionist site of Anglicans for Israel:

1. Why should Conservatives be friends of Israel?

Because Israel is a stable democratic state in one of the most unstable regions in the World. It is a force for good in the Middle East and wider world. Conservatives recognise this and share many of the same values and outlook as Israel. Quite naturally therefore we should work closely together. There is also a significant Jewish population in the UK which makes a substantial contribution to the Country and the Conservative Party. Conservative Friends of Israel for example is one of the biggest affiliated groups to the Conservative Party with over 80% of MPs as members and over 2000 registered supporters (most of whom are Party members).

Ah well, ho hum, my silly fault for saying nice things about a Tory.


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