June 13, 2008

Raytheon how many?

Something I haven't understood about the Raytheon case in Derry is why some say the Raytheon 9 and some say that it was 6. Even the Indymedia report has 9 in the headline but 6 in the report. And the Raytheon9.org website is no help either. So answer in the comments please if you know.

Now, because of this I have an excuse for another post on what has been a momentous decision by a court in the north of Ireland.
The Raytheon 9 have been aquitted today in Belfast for their action in decommissioning the Raytheon offices in Derry in August 2006. The prosecution could produce not a shred of evidence to counter our case that we had acted to prevent the commission of war crimes during the Lebanon war by the Israeli armed forces using weapons supplied by Raytheon.

We remain proud of the action we took and only wish that we could have done more to disrupt the ‘kill chain’ that Raytheon controls.

This victory is welcome, for ourselves and our families, but we wish to dedicate it to the Shaloub and Hasheem families of Qana in Lebanon, who lost 28 of their closest relatives on the 30 July 2006 due to a Raytheon ‘bunker buster’ bomb.
The action these people took could have led them to one of the north of Ireland's no jury courts but for some reason it didn't. They were acquitted by a jury of their peers. I wonder what a judge would have done or what the judge in the trial actually thought.

There'll be more actions like these.


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