October 07, 2008

News from Occupied Egypt

While the Egyptian army is using new high tech U.S. devices to discover and close tunnels that break through the siege of Gaza, The Egyptian police is rounding up and roughing up Egyptian solidarity activists who are trying to travel to Gaza through the Rafah crossing.

Check out The Arabway Blog: In particular :

Gaza solidarity activist detained

Gaza solidarity activists abused in custody

Prosecutor to interrogate Gaza solidarity activist

There would be no siege of Gaza without the active and engaged support of the government of Egypt.

Reading these my train of thought turned to a conversation I had a year ago with an Israeli writer, a bohemian guy, progressive as can be, leftist, the whole nine yards. He told me that Egypt was on the verge on an explosion, (which I know) and the only hope for Israelis is Omar Suleiman (which made my jaw drop). For the sake of humanity, if Omar Suleiman is your "hope" maybe you need to ask yourself some real hard questions. Questions like, 'how did I sink so low?"

Below is the picture of the U.S. and Israel chief agent in Egypt, Egyptian intelligence chief Omar Suleiman, and the man in charge of keeping Egypt in the leash of the U.S. and Israel.
Egyptian intelligence chief Omar Suleiman Suleiman gets a lot of love from Westerners. Jeffrey Fleishman from the LA Times practically had an orgasm while writing about him. See for yourself!

He appears briefly on TV, not saying much, if anything at all, and then fades into the secrecy and quiet diplomacy that men like him prefer. One day he’s in Jerusalem, the next in Gaza, then back to Egypt to whisper in the ear of his boss, President Hosni Mubarak. ( LA Times July 16 2008)
Wow! What a man! notice how he "fades into secrecy." Perhaps straight into his batmobil. But then Fleishman also wrote that "Egypt is a democracy." Sure, of course, after all, if Israel is a democracy, anything can be a democracy.

Unfortunately, apart from being in the figurehead of Egypt's repression (a manly job, for sure) Suleiman gets so much love because he's a puppy of the U.S.

And Western journalists, bless their heart, just love that kind of puppies, even the torturing kind, because...

The gifted military strategist (is he Egypt's champion in Grand Theft Auto? what war did he win?) has years of diplomatic relations with the U.S., Israel and the Arab world, and he’s regarded as a pragmatist likely to carry on Egypt’s privatization (which made Egypt such a rich country) and economic reform. (comments in red are obviously mine)

For comparison, this is what a real puppy looks like:

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