October 02, 2008

Sarah Silverman's satirical racism, it's good for Jews!

See what you think of this.

The Great Schlep from The Great Schlep on Vimeo.

I had a little emailed discussion with the person who sent me the link to this Great Schlep site about how this "satirising" of racism can actually be a cover for racism in its own right. I'd never heard of this Sarah Silverman until last night though I did read something about the ludicrous idea of Jews cajoling their grandparents into voting for Obama even though he's black because he supports various causes that Jews also support and he's NOT, just NOT, Muslim or Arab. Now that last point is something Obama himself said would make him a "pretty scary guy" as we know from his sycophantic homage to AIPAC happily hosted by the group funding the Great Schlep, the Jewish Council for Education & Research.

My correspondent and I agreed that this site and skit is racist in many ways, against Jews, in particular old ones but also the young ones who are held to be typified by this Sarah Silverman character, African-Americans who are likened to old Jews on account of their common concerns, Arabs and Muslims because the idea that Obama might be either is vigorously denied by this young liberal princess and of course elderly Jews are being told that they should vote Obama because he's good for the racist war criminals of the Sate of Israel.

This Sarah Silverman wants to be Lenni Bruce but she comes across as Joan Rivers meets Joan Peters. Jon Stewart still has the edge on video clips on Obama. Take a tip here Sarah.

Jon Stewart has his flaws of course, but he's streets ahead on Obama.

*Hmm? The embed of the Daily Show isn't showing here, not to me anyway, but it is showing here. Dunno what that's all about. A blogger glitch perhaps, a Firefox thing? Dunno. Sorry but check out Stewart, Jon not Martha, he's much better.

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