January 08, 2009

80% civilians, 20%+ children among the slaughtered

As in Lebanon, what Israel is doing in Gaza today is indiscriminate slaughter. The predictable results :
On 27 December 2008, Israel, the Occupying Power in the OPT (the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip) launched “Operation Cast Lead,” a large-scale aerial offensive in the Gaza Strip. The continuing air strikes have now been followed by Israeli ground troops, which invaded the Gaza Strip on the night of 3 January 2009. Within eleven days, Israeli occupying forces have killed at least 671 Palestinians, 547 of whom were civilians, including 155 children, and injured at least 3,000. Al-Haq, January 2009

Nicholas Kristof is worried that butchering 155 children isn't strengthening Israel. That's considered radical humanitarianism in the U.S. media. But he's wrong. He doesn't understand Israelis. Butchering children does strenghten them. Thanks but you need not worry, Nick! Israelis are having a great time, look!


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