January 08, 2009

Another day another occupation

In Canada that is. No sooner had the occupation of the Israeli consulate in Toronto ended than the siege of the Israeli consulate in Montreal began. This was the top result of my google search:

Second consecutive day of Israeli Consulate blockades in Canada

Montreal, January 8th — Early Thursday, January 8th Montrealers blockaded the Israeli Consulate in Montreal in protest against the on-going Israeli assault on the people of Gaza.

The demonstrators were acting in solidarity with the 1.5 million people of Gaza, demanding Israel end its military assault and lift the 18-month siege on the Gaza Strip to allow humanitarian aid into the territory.

Protesters are outraged at Israel’s latest assault on the Palestinian people and by the Canadian government’s refusal to condemn these massacres that have left 700 dead and over 3000 wounded since December 27, 2008.

In the past 24 hours Israeli has bombarded three U.N. schools in Gaza killing dozens of internally displaced refugees inside Gaza.

“Canada’s lack of response to recent war crimes in Gaza speaks volumes about their support for Israeli apartheid,” said Sophie Schoen, a spokesperson for the action.

“The Conservative government should expel all Israeli Consular officials from Canada, as other countries have done,” said Amanda Dorter. “Until Ottawa ends its support for Israel we will continue to disrupt the workings of Israeli-Canadian cooperation.”

This action doesn't seem to have hit the mainstream but it could be that Israel has pleaded for a blackout lest there be copycat actions. Perish the thought!


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