January 13, 2009

"As American as slaughter of children"

Nothing brings America together like the smell of burnt flesh overseas. And yes, they do prefer the dark meat.

About 750 supporters of Israel's action crammed inside the Sabes Jewish Community Center in St. Louis Park to show their support of Israel in the deadly conflict. And outside, 250 protesters gathered to show their dismay.

A group of elected officials of all political persuasion -- ranging from Gov. Tim Pawlenty to archrivals and U.S. Senate wannabes Norm Coleman and Al Franken -- were united, if only for an afternoon, in supporting Israel as it battles Hamas.

The show of unity seemed a bit odd for Coleman, the Republican incumbent, and his Democratic foe, Franken. The two are engaged in a bitter recount battle for a Senate seat that has winnowed down to several hundred votes, and is now being contested by Coleman in court. The two appeared cordial at the rally Sunday, but kept their distance. ( Star Tribune )

Democrat Al Franken on the left is a particularly funny guy. Before standing for elections as a sock puppet he was a "political" radio comedian. With Franken almost certainly in the Senate, we can expect at least six years of hillarious jokes about Gaza.

BTW, there is also a video on that tribune page, full of laughter and mirth, but I can't put it here without vomiting. Watch it at your own risk.


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