January 09, 2009

Changing Times

I now have the screen grab of the Times article about the hoax where it was suggested that the Board of Deputies might actually have a spark of humanity. See if you can spot the difference between this:

and this:

And how did the change come about? I mean how did the Times tumble that this was a hoax. Scroll down what's left of the page to the comments and its Comment is free's editor at large, David T, making an urgent sortie to the Times lest people think the Board of Deputies of British Jews is staffed by humanitarian types and you will see his red alert:
This is a hoax that has been sent around by a number of trotskites [sic]. We have had it, mulitple [sic] times, from the 'kids laureate' and Hamas supporter, Michael Rosen.
Of course, readers of the Times will know who "we" is. But I couldn't find any mention of this on Harry's Place so perhaps when he says "we" he just means "he".


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