January 16, 2009

Chief Rabbi of the 1948 ethnically cleansed Safed advocates genocide

The Chief Rabbi of Safed, Rabbi Shmuel Elyahu, visited a Bnei Akiva yeshiva in Ashdod Thursday where he declared the war against Hamas as "a war of the people of Israel against Amalek." ( Haaretz )
I was wondering, sometimes it is difficult to hear the voices of rabid religious Jews in the secular Haaretz. But there you go.

So you have Haim Ramon, Matan Vilnai etc. advocating genocide on secular terms, and you're having the New York Times giving its op-ed page almost fully to secular genocide advocates, and you have a Chief Rabbi advocating genocide on religious terms.

Don't make light of this. This round will probably end soon but the next round will come and will be far worse.

This is not extremism. This is now mainstream Israeli perceptions, fully supported by the U.S. elites. Israel has to be stopped. It is a ticking genocide.

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