January 16, 2009

How do rats know a ship is sinking?

They make the holes. I don't know what reminded of that.

And now for something completely different (from rats to pythons). A Labour Friend of Israel has spoken out against Israel's assault on Gaza in Comment is free. I haven't even read it but the ship of the State of Israel does seem to be sinking right now even amid this great face saver for Lebanon II. Oh, so that's what reminded me of the rats and the sinking ships.

Here's George Foulkes, a Member of the Scottish Parliament. The government seems to be delegating its criticism of Israel to the lower orders. How courageous.
Israel's real friends must speak up
We must deliver a message that the loss of life and destruction of infrastructure in Gaza is disproportionate and counterproductive
Doesn't that depend on what you're trying to produce?


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