January 10, 2009

EU doesn't know how to help Israel oppress Palestinians better

Far from trying to pressure Israel, EU officials are doing everything they can to help the murderers of Gaza achieve their goals.

There have been no European threats to use any of their considerable leverage to restrain Israel. No threats to the economic ties, no threats to the cultural ties, not even a dress down of an ambassador. Nothing. Israel corrals civilians into a building and then flattens the building and no European country has responded with a single serious threat to Israeli EU relations.

Think about it.

Instead, EU officials do what they can to pressure Egypt and Hamas to accept Israeli domination and formalize it.
In an attempt to break an impasse that has stalled cease-fire talks aimed at ending the fighting in the Gaza Strip, European diplomats are mulling a proposal which would restore control of the Gaza Strip border crossings to the Fatah-led Palestinian Authority, the Times of London newspaper reported in Saturday editions.

According to the proposal, Palestinian security personnel loyal to President Mahmoud Abbas would govern the border crossings with assistance from Turkish and French soldiers who would be stationed as monitors, the Times reported. (Haaretz )

Perhaps the Little Satan and the Great Satan should be augmented by the Medium-Size Satan.


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