January 10, 2009

Zionism has arrived

It has achieved the goal of creating a master race out of the Jews of Europe. Jabotinsky's followers even framed it in verse:
"In blood and sweat, our race will rise, proud and generous and cruel."
What happens in Gaza, the death of 800 people, mostly civilians, crushed under debris, mutilated, children starved to death near the decomposing body of their parents, all this is a very natural part and consequence of that project.

But blood and sweat are serious annoyances to a master race. There is therefore another part, and it is told by small details, details such as who lives within the rocket range of Hamas and Hizbullah and who doesn't, and details like the identity of the Israeli soldiers dispatched by Hamas to the corner of hell reserved for child murderers.
For those who are still repressing reality, here is the death toll as of this writing: four soldiers from the national-religious community, two Druze and one son of immigrants from the former Soviet Union. ( Haaretz )
The white, secular, affluent, Ashkenazi Jews of European descent can watch the massacres from TV screes in Tel-Aviv, shed a tear for peace and write op-eds about how poor and endangered Israel is in the New York Times. Their servants are quelling the uprising of their slaves. Isn't that nice!


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