February 07, 2009

Egypt kidnaps Palestine solidarity activist

The Egyptian authorities are being more helpful to the racist war criminals of the State of Israel than we realised. They have now taken to kidnapping Palestine solidarity activists.
Police crackdown on Gaza solidarity march

Documentary film-maker and writer Philip Rizk was kidnapped by state security today, after 15 people including Egyptian and foreign activists and journalists were detained during a solidarity march to Gaza. Everyone except Rizk was released after 4 hours by the roadside. He was taken to the police station in Abu Sa3bel, where he was held two hours until state security officers from Cairo arrived and smuggled him out through a back door, taking him to an unknown location. Two activists were almost run over as they tried to prevent the car from leaving.

A demonstration will be held Saturday at 12.00 noon at the public prosecutors office, Cairo High Court, to protest the illegal detention.
More details here and here.

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