February 07, 2009

Famous people unite in cowardice

Daniel Barenboim got a bunch of really famous people, mostly artists, together, and they published a statement in the wake of the slaughter of Gaza that dishonors them.
For the last forty years, history has proven that the Israeli–Palestinian conflict cannot be settled by force. Every effort, every possible means and resource of imagination and reflection should now be brought into play to find a new way forward. A new initiative which allays fear and suffering, acknowledges the injustice done, and leads to the security of Israelis and Palestinians alike. An initiative which demands of all sides a common responsibility: to ensure equal rights and dignity to both peoples, and to ensure the right of each person to transcend the past and aspire to a future. (New York Review of Books)
Angry Arab takes apart this weasel statement in his inimitable style.

I'm sure many of the undersigned have good intentions. But you know the saying about the road to hell. The statement is utterly boneless. Look at the list of signatures. So much talent. So little courage. "The face of the generation is the face of the dog."


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