March 28, 2009

War criminals in Sudan

There's been a lot in the news about Sudan, mostly regarding Darfur. I've even run a few posts on it here on Jews sans frontieres. Zionists often complain that no one says anything about Darfur when they probably wouldn't have heard of Darfur if it wasn't for the fact that plenty of people say plenty of things about Sudan and Darfur. So anyway, in spite of having run a few posts on Sudan myself, here is another on account of something in the Independent that caught my today, though it seems to have appeared yesterday:
Israel carried out air strikes in January on a convoy moving through Sudan which it believed to be carrying weapons destined for Hamas in Gaza, according to a report by the US television network CBS.

Two Sudanese politicians yesterday confirmed that unidentified aircraft targeted the convoy in a remote desert region north-west of Port Sudan on the Red Sea coast.

The outgoing Israeli Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert, appeared to fuel speculation that his country's air force was behind the attack, which reportedly killed 39 people, when he said that "Israel hits every place it can in order to stop terror, near and far". CBS reported that Israeli intelligence had learnt of plans to move weapons north through Sudan into Egypt and then smuggle them into the Gaza Strip to Hamas. The report said that those killed were manning the 17-vehicle convoy, although a number of civilians had also been injured in the attack, which occurred in the same month as Israel's offensive in Gaza.

While Israeli defence officials had earlier appeared to pour cold water on the report that their aircraft had carried out the attack, Mark Regev, the spokesman for Mr Olmert, would only say that it was not Israel's practice "to respond to these sort of allegations when they arise in the press".

Oh no! Mark Regev won't tell us anything. Now we'll never know because he always used to be such a reliable source.


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