April 08, 2009

Amateur video demolishes police story

Well it's over for the initial police version of events leading to the death of Ian Tomlinson. An American fund manager, in London on business and on the demo "out of curiosity, shot the footage and handed it to the Guardian because Tomlinson's "family weren't getting answers. This is from the Guardian website:

And this is from the Guardian article:
In an official statement on the night of Tomlinson's death, the Metropolitan police made no reference to any ­contact with officers and described attempts by police medics and an ambulance crew to save his life after he collapsed – efforts which they said were marred by ­protesters throwing missiles as first aid was ­administered .

The force said officers had created a ­cordon around Tomlinson to give him CPR.

"The officers took the decision to move him as during this time a number of ­missiles – believed to be bottles – were being thrown at them," it said.
Well they certainly moved him but where were all those bottles?


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