April 06, 2009

EU gives Israel the Waldheim treatment

or was it the Haider treatment? Anyway, apparently even Germany is getting sniffy about Israel's more overtly fascistic government and that is saying something. Here's Der Spiegel:
Germany and the European Union are unhappy with the approach so far by Benjamin Netanyahu's government to the Middle East peace process. EU diplomats are increasing pressure on Israel to voice its support for a two-state solution that would see the creation of a Palestinian state.

In a series of diplomatic barbs, the German government has expressed its displeasure at the new, right-leaning Israeli government. German Chancellor Angela Merkel of the conservative Christian Democrats (CDU) has delayed a joint meeting of the cabinets of both countries, initially planned for June, for an undetermined amount of time.

This really shows the absurdity of differentiating among the zionist rulers of Palestine. Lieberman and Netanyahu might not talk to the Palestinians about something they can fly a flag over in the West Bank and Gaza so the EU postpones diplomatic junkets for a while. On the other if they slaughtered Palestinian men, women and children at the same time as claiming to want those dead people to have a state the EU would line for piccies like they did when Tzipi Livni embarked on her election campaign known as "cast lead".


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