April 03, 2009

More on the Zionist Federation on Gaza

There's a childish pun there somewhere, I'm sure there is. This Jonathan Hoffman of the Zionist Federation seems to have caused a fair amount of outrage among Independent readers with what looked like a justification for Israel killing rather a lot of innocent woman and children lately.
Of course in the context of the woman and two children who were reportedly shot by a sniper after soldiers ordered them from their house, they do not tell us that civilians have been frequently used as suicide bombers.
I already posted one response. Here's another:
Suspected bombers

In attempting to justify civilian deaths in Gaza, Jonathan Hoffman of the Zionist Federation reminds us that civilians may be suicide bombers (letter, 23 March). Is it his position that Britain and America should adopt a similar precautionary principle to the civilian populations of Afghanistan and Iraq? Or Luton and Bradford?

Steve Hill

Barford St Michael, Oxfordshire

Don't tempt providence now Steve.


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