May 06, 2009

Defend Ezra Nawi!

Nawi is an Arab-Jewish gay Ta'ayush activist threatened with jail for peacefully obstructing the criminal demolition of a Palestinian shack. He is picked upon because Israeli authorities feel particularly threatened by acts of solidarity with Palestinians coming from people of working class, non-Ashkenazi background (as was the case with Tali Fahima). His sexual orientation makes him also particularly vulnerable.

The solidarity campaign for Ezra Nawi asks:

To support Ezra, please write a letter or email to the Israeli embassy in your country, and send us a copy to

Also please consider donating to help defray the legal costs and to support his human rights activities.  ( )

More about Nawi here and here. We need more people like Nawi, and the place to start is to defend the ones we have. Start now!


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