May 06, 2009

Israel's man at the U.N.

Israel's man at the U.N. is no less than U.N. Secretery General Ban Ki-Moon, who knows very well how to please his masters, even if that means colluding and covering up for Israeli assaults on U.N. facilities and reckless endangerment of U.N. personnel as well as the killing of civilians taking refuge in U.N. facility.
UNITED NATIONS, May 5 (Reuters) - A U.N. inquiry accused Israel on Tuesday of gross negligence and recklessness in attacks on U.N. property in the Gaza strip during fighting between the Jewish state and Palestinian militants in January.
U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, who appointed the four-person inquiry board in February, said he would seek compensation for damage put at more than $11 million but would not follow the panel's call for further investigations. (Reuters)
The proper course of action would be to seek the immediate suspension of Israel from the U.N. pending further investigation, compensation, apology, and bringing those responsible to justice. But of course we're talking about Israel, so the Secretary-General wouldn't even publish the full report.

But at least Ban Ki-Moon got a nice pat on the back, maybe even an extra serving of his favorite ice-cream.
Israel's deputy U.N. ambassador, Daniel Carmon, called the report one-sided and unfair. "We were really shocked to see a report where the board is limiting itself to the facts of the damages only, ignoring the context, ignoring that there is war against terrorism," he told Reuters.

Carmon called the panel's recommendations "unacceptable," but welcomed Ban's letter which he said showed the U.N. chief was "somehow distancing himself from the board's report."


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