May 06, 2009

UK to ban zionists from entry?

Well that is the logic of the ban on Mike Guzofsky, who the Independent describes as a "Jewish supremacist". The Independent has a list of 16 people it describes as "Britain's least wanted":
Mike Guzofsky: Jewish Supremacist

A militant Jewish leader and follower of Kahanism, an ideology which critics say is quasi-fascist.

The US government says Guzofsky has links to Kahane Chai, a group named after the extremist Rabbi Meir Kahane. A fundamental tenet of Kahanist ideology is that the state of Israel should defend itself against Arab and Nazi enemies, and give full citizenship only to Jews.

That is the essence of the zionist ideology, indeed it is the essence of the State of Israel's legal framework today. Arabs can and some do have citizenship of Israel, but to call it full citizenship would be plain wrong. So there we have it, zionists are banned from the UK. Hurrah!

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