July 22, 2009

Euro court acts to defend the racist war criminals of Israel

From the post below you can see the extent to which the BDS campaign is spreading and deepening. So what to do? Rush to law. The European Court of Human Rights in a move that would have helped both the Hitler and apartheid South Africa regimes has ruled that boycotting Israel or even calling for a boycott of those racist war criminals is itself a crime. As Scottish PSC points out, this has the EU's judiciary joining with its executive branch in rewarding Israel's racist war criminality whilst punishing the defenders of Israel's most numerous victims, the Palestinians.
The European Court of Human Rights has moved to criminalise support for Palestinian human rights. The EU has consistently rewarded an Israel sinking ever deeper into crime, with open ethnic cleansers as Foreign Minister and Prime Minister. Now the judiciary joins the executive in aligning with Israel and criminalising those who support the call from Palestine for BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) against the bloody violence of the Israeli state. Hardly suprising when the British Government is involved in an equally bloody military occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan. Birds of a blood-stained feather flock together.
As Tony Greenstein points out, this doesn't yet criminalise opposition to the war criminals of Israel but it is another step along that road.


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