September 19, 2009

Obama opposes justice for the Palestinians

That's according to today's Ha'aretz:
The Obama administration sharply criticized a UN report Friday alleging that Israel committed multiple war crimes in its Gaza war this year. The State Department statement ended nearly a week of muted reactions to findings already rejected by Israel.

The State Department said the conclusions of a UN commission headed by South African Justice Richard Goldstone were unfair to Israel and did not fully deal with the role in the conflict of the militant Palestinian group Hamas. It said the United States objected to a recommendation that Israeli actions be referred to the International Criminal Court.

I don't think regulars here will have harboured many or any illusions about Obama's position on the racist war criminals of the State of Israel. The US's long awaited statement on the Goldstone report should shatter any illusions anyone had about Obama's support for the basic human rights of zionism's most numerous victims, the Palestinians.

Maybe Goldstone will now realise that throwing a bone to zionism and its main imperial ally in the form of his inappropriate criticism of Hamas over the assault on Gaza merely sends them into a feed frenzy. This is yet another lesson about how appeasing the racist war criminals of the State of Israel doesn't pay but will it be learned?


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