September 18, 2009

UK Firefighters fight phosphorous

The UK's Trades Union Congress, the representative body of the Trades Union movement is supporting BDS against the racist war criminals of Israel. I know this because johng in the comments pointed me to Lenin's Tomb where it says this:
I am ready to stand corrected, but I think this is historic. The motion approved is particularly notable because a proffered soft-Zionist amendment attempting to introduce some spurious 'balance' and 'moderation' into the motion was defeated. The motion condemns the attack on Gaza, calls for TUC support for the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign, and is harshly critical of the racist Israeli trade union federation Histradut for having backed the Gaza aggression. Given that previous efforts to raise the boycott issue within national trade unions have often been followed by retreat under sustained counterattacks and legal threats by Israel's apologists, it is significant that the support for a boycott among trade unionists would appear to have increased. This is undoubtedly a result of the criminal attack on Gaza earlier this year. If this is actually implemented, it means the BDS campaign has real social weight behind it. It also means that Zionists of all shades are about to throw a massive tantrum.
Historic huh? Don't be ridiculous. Israel is a state whose existence is predicated on the most heinous of war crimes going back at least to the first half of last century. How could support from the TUC for BDS only be coming as late as the last year of the first decade of the 21st century?

I know, we'll consult Tony Greenstein, he knows about these things. He'll put paid to this "historic" hyperbole. What's his headline?

Historic vote at British Trades Union Congress Calls for Boycott of Israeli Goods & ‘Review’ of Histadrut Links

Hmm, perhaps it is historic after all.


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