July 08, 2010

BDS and the Jerusalem Film Festival

I know this is in the JSF quick section but it's worth more than a quick look-at. See this report from the Jewish Telegraphic Agency:
In an apparent reaction to the Gaza flotilla incident, actors Meg Ryan and Dustin Hoffman reportedly have backed out of attending the Jerusalem Film Festival.

Ryan canceled her appearance the day after the Gaza flotilla incident, The Jerusalem Post reported, quoting Cinematheque associate director Yigal Molad Hayo.

Molad Hayo said Hoffman broke off negotiations, which had reached an “advanced" stage, the day after the incident in which Israeli Navy commandos boarded a Gaza-bound vessel attempting to break a maritime blockade, resulting in the death of nine passengers.

While neither actor said explicitly that the flotilla incident was the reason, “it became quite clear that this was the reason,” Hayo told the Post.

In addition to the actors, Prince Albert of Monaco canceled his participation in the event, which begins Thursday and runs for two weeks. The film festival is scheduled to have a tribute to actress Grace Kelly, the prince's mother.
What I find curious about this is that none of them out of Dustin Hoffman, Meg Ryan and Prince Albert have sought publicity for their non-attendance at the film festival. It's the associate director, Yigal Molad Hayo, who has publicised this. Perhaps he supports the boycott.

Whatever it all means, this is a major leap for BDS given that a prominent Jewish actor and (I think) a head of state are now boycotting Israel. Monaco can hardly be described as a radical state.


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