July 10, 2010

Woodcraft Folk boycott Israel

I don't know why the Woodcraft folk would have had dealings with the State of Israel in the first place but I suppose this highlights the fact that the boycott is still in its infancy and it's good to have more people and groups climbing on board. Here's the Jewish Chronicle on this latest declaration of support for BDS:
A children’s educational movement has voted to boycott Israel at their annual gathering in Sussex.

The Morning Star reported that the Woodcraft Folk, which runs weekly sessions for children including singing, dancing, craft and eco-projects, voted for the boycott at their conference in Ashdown Forest, west Sussex.

The emergency motion was proposed by international secretary Paul Bemrose, who said it had been prompted by the deaths of nine Turkish activists on the Gaza flotilla.
A majority of the 150 delegates at the conference backed a complete boycott until the Gaza blockade is lifted.
Ok a victory of sorts but is it really just about the flotilla and the blockade? Israel could end the blockade tomorrow and Palestine wouldn't be free. Ach! Just be happy that BDS is growing. We'll flesh out the details in due course.


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