October 26, 2010

Spain is not the Costa del War Crime

Brits have long known Spain as the Costa del Crime because of its lack of extradition treaty with the UK though I think it has one now. Now, ironically, whilst the UK has changed its laws on universal jurisdiction to facilitate the comings and goings of Israeli war criminals, Spain has yet to fall into line. According to Yediot Ahranot or YNET, Israeli Knesset Member (MK), Avi Dichter, has been warned that he could face arrest if he turns up in Spain. Check out the crimes he is alleged to have been involved in. All the links in the YNET piece have been added by me and they link to wikipedia but remember zionists are all over that site and it shows:
MK Avi Dichter (Kadima) was planning on taking part in an international peace summit in Spain over the weekend, but was forced to cancel over fears he would be arrested, and possibly imprisoned, by Madrid authorities, Yedioth Ahronoth reported Tuesday.

According to report several days ago, a Spanish organization called The Madrid Coalition, invited Israeli and Palestinian representatives to take part in a summit focusing on the peace process and the Saudi initiative. Senior officials from the Palestinian Authority, including Mohammed Dahlan had RSVP'd to the event.

The Madrid Coalition works in cooperation with the former Spanish Foreign Minister Miguel Moratinos. The summit organizers decided to invite a small group of MKs from Israel to take part in the summit. Former Shin Bet Chief MK Avi Dichter was set to lead the delegation.

Earlier this week, Dichter requested to look into the possibility that he may face legal action in Spain over complaints against him for his involvement in the Salah Shehade assassination, which took place when Dichter was head of Shin Bet) and for his involvement in Operation Cast Lead, Dichter was Minister of Public Security at the time). After looking into the legal aspects of the situation,

Madrid officials told Dichter that Spain did not intend to offer him immunity from arrest or interrogation, after which he cancelled his participation in the event.

Salah Shehade is the Hamas chap who was killed by way of a one ton bomb dropped on an apartment building he was in. 14 other people, including Shehade's wife and 9 children, were killed in the same attack, though he was supposedly the target.


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