January 31, 2011

Go Mubarak! Tel Aviv awaits!

Keep following the Angry Arab News Service for updates of events in Egypt. As'ad AbuKhalil, for it is he, has an eager following of informants throughout the Middle East tipping him off with all sorts of useful info. See this demonstration in Egypt:

Here is a translation from a comment below the youtube video:
 Obviously, this is the best I can translate it. It doesn't rhyme like it does in Arabic, lol. "Leave, leave, Mubarak. Tel Aviv is waiting for you. Gamal, tell your father, the Egyptian people hate you. We've had enough. They've raised the price of sugar and oil. They've wrecked our homes. Raise your voice, people of Egypt. We can't even find beans."
Of course Tel Aviv wants Mubarak to remain in Egypt as surely as it wants dictatorial rule maintained in Saudi and Jordan.


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